This project becomes the previous “Be like water”. In the previous project, paint, wax and water flowed freely. In this new project “Be like water”, these pours that flowed through the canvas fall down on the surface and some shapes there are formed that I call “puddle”.

In this project water is studied. Thus, and according to Thales of Miletus, being able to be everything in the world of life, and deserves to be considered as the common substrate that is behind everything, and that sustains everything: that is, the substance, the principle substantial.

It is incorporated into this research and approach to the water element: resin. An aqueous material with similarities to the properties of water: it is transparent, colorless and amorphous, but because of its chemical reaction with the hardener it solidifies in forty minutes. This fact allows us to approach the understanding of water, stopping its natural flow. Thus the resin flows and spreads over the surface like water. But in certain random areas it stops, retaining the Heraclian dialectic. These areas are the “puddles”. It is understood that their formation is either spontaneous or forced. In other words, like the example of the jug as a container by Heiddeger 1 . This author maintains that the jug creates a vacuum or an almost vacuum – since it is full of air – which serves to give way to a liquid which, otherwise, would be lost in its natural flow.

Layer after layer, pour after pour, the resin advances except where the shallows are, where a diversion occurs, becoming deeper and deeper. These “puddles” have rounded shapes, connecting water with its femenin 2 principle. On the other hand, where there is no obstacle, the resin flows, seeps, flows, without being able to avoid its horizontal death, as in Bachelard 3 ‘s metaphor. Water always flows, always falls, always ends in its horizontal death

1. Heidegger, Conferences and articles, 1994, p.149.
2. Water has been considered as a feminine principle: The profound motherhood of waters. The water swells the germs and takes out the fountains. Water is a matter that we all see being born and growing. The source is an irresistible birth. A continuous birth. Gaston Bachelard, Water and dreams, Essay on the imagination of matter, p.27.
3. Daily death is the death of water. Water and dreams, Essay on the imagination of matter, p.15.