Year: 2017
Origin: Serra Tramuntana
Duration: 1.43 min.
Recorded and edited: October 2017
Equipment: SONY ALPHA 7S II
Lens: 35mm
Sound: silent

For this project I started by reflecting on the beginning of Tarkovsky’s film “The Mirror” where a man falls and speak a few words in Russian:

“I have fallen, and I see things… roots, bushes…. The man asks the woman: have you never thought that plants feel, meditate, even understand…the trees, this hazelnut…? (…) they don’t run anywhere. We run, stunned. We say banal things. It is because we do not believe in the nature that we carry within. Everything is mistrust, haste, lack of time to think…”
I am interested in that dialectic, that tension between movement and static, between perhaps the “slow” of nature and the speed of culture or, as we seem to perceive it.