This project approaches the nature of water.
It is a continuation of the idea of the previous project: “Conscious Windows” where a search for the essence of painting is carried out. In this project, paint is poured from the top of the stretched fabric.

It is interesting to observe the random movement that occurs in the slip of the paint and the trace left by the pigments.

This project reflects on the work of John Cage and his silence. It also dialogues with the work of Agnés Martín. In his writing “Beauty is the mystery of life” he reflects: “When I think of art, I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eyes, but in the mind. In our mind there is the consciousness of perfection.

Finally, it also establishes a dialogue with the work of Linda Benglis. She poured vivid-hued latex rubber pigment in her studio.

To approach the essence of painting, the Taoist philosophy and the philosophy of “not doing” have been taken into account.

“Nothing is weaker than water,but when something hard or resistant attacks, nothing supports it,And nothing will alter its path.

Tao Te Ching Stream after stream, the water is wet, curved, attributes that are typical of their feminine nature. As Gaston Bachelard mentions in Water and Dreams: “The deep maternity of the waters. The water swells the germs and draws out the sources. Water is a material that everywhere we see it being born and growing. The source is an irresistible birth. A continuous birth”.

Thus, blast after blast, the work is gifted with the traces that will be formed as a result of chance and the physical laws themselves.